ACSS Collaborates To Demonstrate ADS-B In in China

 - December 7, 2017, 12:46 PM

ACSS announced today the first successful in-flight ADS-B In demonstrations in China using jets. The demonstrations were performed with three Airbus A321s on approach to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and were conducted in collaboration with the Civil Aviation Administration of China, Juneyao Airlines and Airbus.

The air traffic situational awareness enhanced visual separation on approach ADS-B In application was hosted on ACSS’s T3CAS integrated surveillance system and seamlessly integrated into the cockpit displays. ACSS’s T3CAS is a line-replaceable unit that can host any combination of TCAS, TAWS and mode-S transponder with ADS-B In/Out capability.

“We are pleased to collaborate on this ADS-B In demonstration to enhance aviation safety and efficiency in China,” said ACSS president Terry Flaishans. “These important applications play an integral role in effective operations and complement communication, navigation, surveillance, air traffic management modernization and ADS-B initiatives in China and around the world.”