Boeing Reaches Out to 60 Airlines on NMA Design

 - June 20, 2018, 1:44 PM

Ihssane Mounir, Boeing senior v-p sales and marketing, revealed that Boeing is now talking with more than 60 airlines on the right configuration for its New Middle-of-the-market Aircraft (NMA). Speaking at a briefing for the French press in Paris today, he said, "We are working on several aspects, like the life-cycle cost of the airplane and the supply chain; not just range or capacity. We want to make a revolutionary airplane." Scheduled to enter service in 2025, the NMA is envisioned to carry 220-to-270 passengers and have a range of 5,000 nm.

The Boeing executive insists that the NMA will be very different from the Airbus A321 long range (LR) or the proposed XLR. "We will offer the same comfort as you can find on a 777-300ER in a 220-seat twin-aisle over a five-to-seven-hour flight. The A321 is a single-aisle and will fly more than seven to eight hours."

Mounir said the NMA’s seat cost will be the same as that of an A321. Moreover, Boeing wants to substantially change the way it works with its supply chain. "The major point is to spread all the digital technologies we developed over the supply chain—especially over the Tier-2 and -3 suppliers—to reduce costs."

Regarding prospects for a partnership with Embraer, Mounir said the discussions are "very advanced, even if no decisions have been made."

Mounir added he is very satisfied with the 777X program. He said he doesn’t expect big new orders "until 2021-22, when replacement of the 777-300ER fleets will begin for many operators."