Munich Airport Greenlights Green Fuel

 - May 11, 2021, 1:23 PM
Beginning June 1, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) will be pumped into the general fuel storage tanks at Munich Airport, paid for by commercial airlines and at least one business aviation operator, and dispensed to all aircraft that refuel there. (Photo: Munich Airport)

Beginning June 1, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) will be continuously available at Germany’s Munich Airport as part of its pledge to become CO2 neutral by 2030. The blended drop-in fuel will be delivered to the airport’s 42,200-cubic-meter tank farm by various fuel providers on behalf of the airlines. It will then travel via a 10-mile (17 km) pipeline to the airport ramp where it will be pumped into the airplanes by fuel farm manager Skytanking Munich and other refueling services.

Both commercial and private aircraft draw from that same fuel supply, but FBOs at the airport such as ExecuJet and Signature Flight Support will not be able to offer the environmental credits for the SAF usage to their customers as the fuel is being purchased by the airlines, which will be entitled to receive the emissions-accounting benefits.

Air bp, which provides fuel at nearly 40 airports in Germany, announced it will be continously supplying blended SAF to Munich Airport's fuel farm on behalf of an unidentified business aviation operator.

“By approving our refueling facilities for sustainable aviation fuel, we are enabling airlines to reduce their CO2 emissions,” said airport CEO Jost Lammers, adding that "green fuels" have a key role to play on the way to complete decarbonization of air transport. “We expect the share of these sustainable fuels in total energy consumption in aviation to increase continuously in the coming years.”