Garmin Secures Flight Deck for Electric Airliner

 - December 9, 2021, 8:00 AM
Heart Aerospace's ES-19 electric regional airliner will feature Garmin G3000 avionics. (Image: Heart Aerospace)

Garmin has added electric aircraft developer Heart Aerospace to the list of customers for its G3000 integrated flight deck, making further inroads into avionics supply for new-technology aircraft manufacturers. Joby Aviation is also installing G3000 avionics in its eVTOL aircraft.

The G3000 suite will be fitted into Heart’s 19-seat ES-19 regional airliner, which has a conditional order for 100 aircraft from United Airlines and an option for an additional 100. With a range of 250 miles, the ES-19 is powered entirely by batteries and electric motors and is expected to enter service in 2026.

Headquartered in Sweden at Gothenburg's Säve Airport, Heart has partnered with Spain’s Aernnova to build the ES-19’s aluminum airframe. The ES-19 features four propulsion units mounted on a high wing, a T-tail empennage, and retractable landing gear.

The G3000 avionics include high-resolution flight displays and touchscreen controllers “that support navigation, communication, and flight sensor solutions and integrates seamlessly into the ES-19 aircraft systems,” according to Garmin. The avionics will be designed “to optimize the aircraft’s electric drive train and battery management systems,” the avionics manufacturer said. Its avionics are also adaptable to accommodate future development of electric aircraft.

“We’re confident in Heart’s practical, market-driven approach to expanding the regional air transport market with the introduction of the first all-electric airliner,” said Carl Wolf, Garmin v-p of aviation and marketing, “whose lower operating costs have the potential to enable more universal access to air travel and a broader network of short-haul flights.”