Aug 9, 2018 - 11:58 PM
Fortunately, most pilots treated for sleep apnea continue to fly without interruption.
Aug 2, 2018 - 5:32 PM
While the preowned business jet market has improved, sellers still have to be very careful and thoughtful with their pricing strategy.
Jul 27, 2018 - 9:00 AM
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Jul 13, 2018 - 6:22 AM
Employing experts to assist in the process is key to a successful purchase.
Jul 6, 2018 - 5:46 AM
Accurate information is essential to ensure client confidence, says one broker.
Jul 3, 2018 - 8:46 AM
A recent NTSB decision shines spotlight on maintenance logbook entries.
Jun 25, 2018 - 3:53 PM
A market for a supersonic business jet? Perhaps, but the regulatory climate needs to change.
Jun 22, 2018 - 8:55 AM
Procedural noncompliance currently is a top safety issue for the NBAA Safety Committee.