Charter Broker Svensen in Legal Hot Water

 - March 5, 2009, 11:27 AM
The U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of Florida, issued an order late last month holding Jet Network FC Holdings (JNFC), JetCard Plus and JetCard CEO Paul Svensen in contempt of court for allegedly violating a December 8 court order to submit documents and information about Svensen’s former employer, Jet Network LLC. The Florida Secretary of State administratively dissolved Jet Network LLC in 2007 and the IRS seized a majority the company’s assets. According to a lawsuit filed last year by Alan Goldberg, the Chapter 7 trustee of Jet Network LLC, Svensen used the remaining funds to launch JNFC. Goldberg’s lawsuit accuses Svensen, JNFC and JetCard Plus of trademark infringement and other violations. Two former clients of Jet Network LLC, William Wood and DHL Express, have also filed lawsuits in the past year seeking to recover money they placed in escrow accounts for Jet Network LLC’s FlightCard program. Svensen, a former senior vice president and cofounder of Sentient Jet, countersued Wood last June. Svensen’s attorney, Jose Sanchez, did not return calls to AIN.