Robinson Helicopter Sees Orders Surge

 - October 25, 2011, 3:36 PM

After a lackluster 2010, Robinson Helicopter is back on a healthier track, according to CEO Kurt Robinson. The Torrance, Calif.-based builder of single-engine helicopters recently hired 150 employees, bringing its workforce to 1,100, and increased production to some 10 helicopters per week.

Robinson has taken orders for more than 330 of its new R66 turbine singles, has delivered 65 and is producing three per week. R66s positions are now sold out through next April and Robinson is looking to increase production to five R66s per week next year. Demand for piston-powered R44s also is on the upswing, with six coming off the production line each week and a six-month order backlog.

Robinson is continuing to add more foreign certifications for the R66 and is developing new options, including pop-out emergency floats and a police package. The R66 recently received Russian certification, and the company is now working on Canadian and EASA approvals. At present, Robinson is holding the line on prices, with the base R66 priced at $805,000 and the R44 at $348,000 to $425,000, depending on model.

“We are pretty happy with what we are seeing,” said the CEO.


The company has to increase production--those helicopters are crashing faster than they can make them.

This is heartening news in an industry that is under constant threat from multiple angles. Kudos to you Robinson for treading a responsible course through the recent economic quagmire.

I recall a Frank Robinson quote from an interview over a decade ago (AOPA magazine) that said, "Details: Committed as afterthoughts, they can steal success from an otherwise sound design. Executed with care they can elevate that same design to greatness. Done right, details are magic."

Mach Mood, you are wasting other peoples time by spouting nonsense. The Robinson company IS a modern success story.

For the record, I have zero affiliation with the Robinson company nor do I fly helicopters.

Mach Mood, aparently Mach you have not piloted a robinson, If you had ,you would realize as many CFI,s have told the students, If you train in a robinson , than other helicopters in that class are easy at the controls, Most know that a robi is quick to respond and if over controlled, can aggrevate the problem. Robinson are the most widely used trainer. I do fly robinson and have for years,they are a very safe helicopter, and you know very little about them!

Mach Mood, your density altitude is way off. You have already crashed!

Hi to all the experts out there.
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