Lufthansa Private Jet Coming to North America

 - January 24, 2012, 3:30 PM

Lufthansa announced yesterday it will introduce its Lufthansa Private Jet service to the North American market on February 1 through an expanded relationship with fractional provider NetJets. The new service will build on the existing Lufthansa Private Jet service in Europe, which is done in conjunction with NetJets Europe.

Lufthansa Private Jet will provide seamless connections from 21 North American cities served by Lufthansa and Swiss using aircraft operated by NetJets through an interchange program with NetJets Europe.

“Lufthansa Private Jet has enhanced Europe’s luxury travel options with service to more than 1,000 destinations in Europe and the Russian Federation,” said Jürgen Siebenrock, Lufthansa vice president of the Americas. “With this partnership expansion, premium passengers in North America can also access the same tailored Lufthansa Private Jet experience.”

Bookings will be made directly through Lufthansa, with prices based on the aircraft and estimated flight time. Lufthansa Private Jet passengers will also accrue 10,000 frequent-flier miles per flight leg.