NBAA Convention News

Cholesterol Screening, New Medical Kit At MedAire Exhibit

 - October 30, 2012, 11:45 AM

International travel medical services provider MedAire is here at NBAA to demonstrate the new functionality of its recently relaunched website. The direct link provides helpful information and relevant resources such as a health map highlighting medical risks to the traveling public. The company has also stocked its subscriber member portal with upgraded features such as the delivery of customized medical, security and travel information and new risk assessment overviews by country. The site also has print/email capability to share pertinent travel safety information with crew and passengers.

“We understand the unique challenges aircraft operators face to ensure safe transport of their passengers, both in the air and at their destination,” said MedAire CEO Grant Jeffery. “The enhancements provide a comprehensive view of the information travelers and crewmembers need to make informed decisions about their destinations, both before and during their trip.” That information includes up-to-the-minute alerts on disease outbreaks around the world, vaccine recommendations, security concerns by location and pre-travel advice.

Tempe, Ariz.-based MedAire is also showing off its new advanced aviation medical kit. The kit’s contents were selected based on an analysis of more than two decades of in-flight medical emergencies taken from MedLink, the company’s global response telemedicine center. Based on a review of more than 100,000 in-flight cases, the kit includes all the supplies required for compliance as well as medications and equipment necessary for in-flight care. The kit was designed to enable users to stabilize patients in critical condition.

“As first responders to medical events that occur during a flight, crew need to provide assistance quickly and accurately,” said Dr. Paulo Alves, the company’s vice president for aviation health. “The needs of the business aviation crew and passengers, as well as integration with safety management systems, were the primary drivers in creating the new medical kit.” Also included are simple-to-use patient monitoring and assessment equipment such as a digital blood-pressure cuff. The kit is fully integrated with both MedLink and MedAire’s management of in-flight illness course, which is available to flight crew, aircraft operators and owners.

NBAA show attendees who don’t mind a tiny blood draw and want a quick check of an important health indicator can visit MedAire at Booth No. 1466, where the company is conducting its customary free immediate cholesterol screening. o