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Winglet Technology Citation X Sets Speed Record

 - October 31, 2012, 12:00 PM
Cessna Citation X equipped with Winglet Technology elliptical winglets

A Cessna Citation X equipped with Winglet Technology (Booth No. 1743) elliptical winglets set an unofficial speed record October 28 by flying 3,479 nm nonstop from Anchorage to Miami in seven hours and 13 minutes at an average speed of 482 knots. Details of the flight have been submitted to the National Aeronautic Association for review and certification for jet aircraft in the Class.I.I. (35,274 to 44,092 pounds mtow) category. The aircraft was flown by Al Larson and Chuck Feaga.

Takeoff weight was 36,000 pounds with three passengers aboard, including Winglet Technology president Bob Kiser. “The flight illustrates the capability and performance of a Citation X equipped with our elliptical winglet design,” he said. “We were able to climb direct to FL450 and then step climb to FL470 for the balance of the flight. A Citation X without the elliptical winglets would not have been able to make this trip without a fuel stop.”

Winglet Technology has sold more than 60 elliptical winglet kits since receiving STC approval in 2009.

The wingletted jet, owned by Jayhawk Aviation, is on display here at the static display (space 260). The flight was co-sponsored by the Appearance Group (Booth No. 4440), and that company’s Permagard reactive polymer coating was applied to the record-setting aircraft. Permagard is a paint sealer that reduces drag.