Levil Adds Solar Power to iPad ADS-B Receiver

 - March 19, 2013, 3:32 PM

The sophistication of external iPad ADS-B receivers has taken a new leap with the release of Levil Technology’s iLevil SW. The device combines attitude information, Waas GPS, ADS-B IN and the ability to display information from external systems, such as engine monitors, all in a package topped with a solar panel for inflight recharging.

Currently, the $1,195 iLevil SW is compatible with Hilton Software’s WingX Pro 7 and Bendix/King’s myWingMan iPad apps and some portable devices, but only WingX currently displays ADS-B IN weather and traffic data from the unit. The iLevil SW receives ADS-B IN on the 978 UAT frequency, which provides free weather information and TIS-B traffic, but not air-to-air traffic data directly transmitted by aircraft equipped with 1090 ES ADS-B OUT transponders.

The SW weighs eight ounces and measures 4.5- by 3- by 1 inch. The top of the unit is a solar panel, which can recharge the battery, although not as quickly as plugging in the USB cord for recharging. Devices connect to the SW via Wi-Fi, and it can simultaneously accommodate several devices.