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Conklin & de Decker Report Favors Air Partner Jet Card

 - May 23, 2013, 3:15 PM

According to charter broker Air Partner, Conklin & de Decker released research during EBACE 2013 indicating that the use of charter jet cards is on the rise in Europe. The report assesses the jet card products offered by NetJets Europe (Booth 7011) and Air Partner across six key criteria: accessible service areas; notice period; aircraft choice; pricing; flexibility; and quality assurance, service and safety.

The report stated, “Air Partner and NetJets Europe offer a wide range of private air transportation services with their card programs. Both offer high levels of service and the ability to fly globally. Air Partner’s JetCard pricing is inclusive and avoids the unknown of the fuel cost adjustment that NetJets Europe (and most other providers) charge. Based on current pricing and policies, the Air Partner JetCard is the lower cost alternative to the NetJets Europe Private Jet Card.”

“In today’s 24-hour global community, private jets can be a valuable business tool, enabling pressured individuals to create more time in their lives,” said Air Partner's Simon Wheatley, manager for private jets. “As stock markets rally and many economies show tentative signs of recovery, we expect to see increased growth in private jet usage.”

Air Partner is already seeing a shift away from fractional ownership, as jet users look for charter solutions that more closely match their travel programs, according to Wheatley. “Some 30 percent of Air Partner’s new JetCard customers have transferred from rival fractional ownership schemes, and ad hoc charter is up more than 10 percent on last year.”

Aside from the key findings, other notable extracts from Conklin & de Decker’s report include comments on pricing, flexibility, geographic reach and client service. Air Partner was complimented for its simple-to-understand and predictable cost structure and the fact that its JetCard has no expiration of funds and offers a guaranteed refund of any unused funds.