Bombardier Introduces Evolved Maintenance Intervals

 - October 30, 2013, 10:45 AM
Bombardier has extended the maintenance interval for the Challenger 300 (shown) and the Learjet 40 and 45. It expects similar approval for the Challenger 604/605 and Global series in the future.

Learjet 40, Learjet 45, Challenger 300, Challenger 604, Challenger 605 and Global operators now have the opportunity to increase their control over maintenance costs significantly, with Bombardier Aerospace’s introduction of evolved maintenance intervals for those platforms.

Under the aircrafts’ respective maintenance programs, maintenance intervals for hourly tasks and monthly checks are increasing by as much as 50 percent or more. The enhanced maintenance intervals will result in significantly lower direct maintenance costs, less downtime for the aircraft and reduced maintenance workload (and related spares consumption), with no compromise to the inherent safety and reliability of the aircraft.

According to Bombardier, Learjet 40 and Learjet 45 operators could see their scheduled labor maintenance costs decrease by almost 50 percent and their dispatch availability improve by 250 days (over a 20-year period, based on typical annual usage).

To date, improvements to the maintenance intervals for the Challenger 300 and Learjet 40/45 have received final approval from Transport Canada, the FAA and EASA. The Challenger 604, Challenger 605 and Global aircraft programs are expected to follow in the coming months.