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Emteq Applies Its Mind To Smarter Cabin Systems

 - May 18, 2014, 7:00 AM
The deep purple tones created by Emteq’s full-spectrum Quasar II smart mood lighting system are among a multitude of hues available.

Electronics specialist Emteq started its involvement in aerospace as a pioneer in the use of LED lighting. It still lays claim to being a leader in this field but has since expanded its technology horizons to encompass a much broader array of cabin systems.

“We saw a real need to provide a more connected cabin and this led us to develop a full suite of solutions that we call eConnect,” explained the U.S. company’s chief marketing officer Rachel Bahr.

The eConnect system gives business aircraft passengers and crew direct control of cabin systems such a window shades, lighting and in-flight entertainment systems (IFE) from their personal electronic devices (PEDs). One advantage is the ability to wirelessly stream videos and other entertainment content to PEDs.

The eConnect suite also includes a high-speed WiFi router to provide easy access to satellite communications systems throughout the cabin with advanced data compression, aggregation and acceleration delivering fast connections. The technology can be installed on aircraft in a box weighing barely five pounds.

Another application of Emteq’s expertise has been the development of cabin power outlets to charge PEDs. The IntelliUSB SR smart outlets allows uses to plug directly into the aircraft’s circuitry without having to go via a remote box. The outlets are shaped so that only an acceptable USB or plug can be inserted and they automatically trip if power limits are exceeded.

Emteq (Booth 1734) has just equipped a Bombardier Global Express with an eConnect suite for European charter operator FAI Rent-A-Jet. The installation, conducted through an EASA-approved supplementary type certificate, included the following systems: Wireless IFE by eConnect, Cabin Control by eConnect, the Quasar II smart mood lighting system, the IntelliUSB SR charging port and Router by eConnect. The router unit was fitted in partnership with Satcom 1 to complement the capabilities of its AvioIP software for high-speed email, Internet and smart phone use. It also features functions demanded by FAI, such as Swiftbroadband channel aggregation, user manager and virtual private networks.

In February, Pilatus selected the eConnect suite as part of the upgrade package for its PC-12 NG turboprop single. The upgrade will be available from mid-year.

Smarter Lighting

In March, completions center Greenpoint Technologies awarded Emteq a contract to provide LED interior lighting for a pair of Boeing 787 widebodies that are to be equipped for a VIP customer. The whitewash and dome lights feature the company’s latest technology, which allows them to be powered directly from 115Vac wild frequency, saving the cost and weight of having to use a transformer rectifier unit. The lights can interface directly with the aircraft’s CMS.

Emteq also introduced its 3X Series of whitewash lighting for private aircraft cabin upgrades in March. According to the company, which is based in New Berlin, Wisconsin, the 3X Series provides operators with an easier way to upgrade to LED lighting thanks to its own “bypass” installation option, which allows the system to be installed either as part of a major cabin refit or as a minor modification. It can use the same wiring as the fluorescent lights that it replaces.

The 3X Series uses the latest LED and lens technology to deliver a high standard of color consistency and color blending, the company said. The lens used for the lights ensures a more consistent light output without diminishing the intensity of the lighting. The wider beam spread is intended to give the cabin a fuller appearance.

Emteq also offers its Quasar II full-spectrum mood-lighting system, which it introduced specifically for business aircraft in 2012. The company said the lower cost of installing these lights has made mood lighting a more cost-effective option for private aircraft cabins.

According to Bahr, Emteq specializes in understanding all aspects of cabin electronics and how they can better fit together with all available systems on the market to improve the overall passenger experience. “We handle all aspects of systems integration to deliver smarter products,” she told AIN. “We want passengers to be able to fully interact with the lighting in the cabin, using it to change the mood according to whether it’s dinner time, or daytime. The big goals are reducing weight and delivering systems based on real customer need.”

Working in partnership with completions specialists, Emteq has developed purpose-built equipment such as chandeliers and backlit polycarbonate mirrors. It has also developed lighting that permanently shines in the direction of Mecca.