Flight Safety Foundation Conducts 300th Safety Audit

 - January 5, 2015, 11:20 AM

Airline PNG, a domestic carrier in Papua New Guinea, is expected to attain gold accreditation following its successful completion of the Flight Safety Foundation’s (FSF) Basic Aviation Risk Standard (Bars) safety audit. The recent Airline PNG audit also represents the FSF’s 300th such evaluation since it launched the Bars program five years ago. Airline PNG will now be able to share in the audits of all participating operators to glean additional safety system insights.

Bars was developed when the industry identified a need to establish a common global aviation safety protocol that could be applied to any onshore sector supporting aviation activities. The FSF calls Bars a consensus-based industry standard consisting of four components: a risk-based international safety standard, an auditing program tailored to that standard, a range of aviation safety programs and a global safety data analysis program.

According to Greg Marshall, managing director of the Bars program, “Knowledge gleaned from a Bars audit, especially for aviation companies operating in remote areas, is already benefiting a wider community of fixed- and rotary-wing operators, including governments and humanitarian agencies.”