Details Emerge on Falcon 5X Combined Vision System

 - June 9, 2015, 2:01 PM
Elbit's multispectral array of sensors has a field of view of 35 degrees horizontal by 26.5 degrees vertical. (Photo: Thierry Dubois)

Dassault and avionics specialist Elbit last week unveiled new details on the Falcon 5X's combined vision system (CVS), which is the first of its kind. In the CVS, Elbit merges synthetic and “real world” vision for enhanced situational awareness in poor weather and at night. Sensors can be found in infrared, visible light and “almost radar” wavelengths—well beyond the usual infrared sensors in conventional enhanced vision systems (EVS), according to a Dassault executive. The multispectral array of sensors has a field of view of 35 degees horizontal by 26.5 degrees vertical, while the field of view for the head-up display (HUD) is 40 by 30 degrees.

The pilot can set the contrast to adapt to various kinds of runway lighting. Elbit's fourth-generation multispectral EVS detects incandescent and LED runway lights, with provisions to support color display. The CVS has been designed to reduce landing minimums to 1,000-foot RVR and 50-foot decision height. On the ground, the pilot receives an alert in case of a potential runway incursion, thanks to an EVS motion-detection algorithm.

The system has been flying on another Falcon type at Dassault's flight-test center in Istres, southeast France. On the 5X, the two HUDs are optional. The CVS is targeted for certification on the 8X and the 5X first. “Next, we will see other potential applications,” said Dassault senior vice president for civil aircraft Olivier Villa.