Business Jet Transactions Slow In 2015

 - August 3, 2015, 9:04 AM

The number of business jet transactions dipped in the first half of 2015, but aircraft remained on the market fewer days and many at higher prices, market analysts report. JetNet cited a 6.1 percent first-half drop in the number of pre-owned business jet transactions. But the aircraft sold 39 days faster and asking prices were 17.7 percent higher.

Business turboprop retail transactions declined 10.8 percent, but unlike the jets, pricing also was down (by 16.9 percent). Likewise, turbine helicopter transactions fell 12.2 percent as did asking prices by 7.5 percent. Piston helicopters, however, experienced a 14.4 percent increase in sales transactions. Both turbine and piston helicopters took longer to sell.

In the second quarter, market analysts Amstat found similar trends. The number of business jet transactions picked up by 0.3 percent over the first quarter, but transaction activity was still below that of the second quarter of 2014, Amstat reported. The available business jet fleet for sale declined to 10.9 percent by the end of the second quarter, down from 11.4 percent a year ago and the 20-year average of 12.6 percent. The number of business turboprop transactions in the second quarter slowed from the first quarter as well as second quarter 2014. The turboprop available inventory grew in the second quarter but was still down from a year ago and the 20-year average. Asking prices tracked by Amstat improved for medium and light jets in the second quarter, but fell for heavy jets and turboprops.