JetFuelX Aims To Make Jet Fuel Pricing More Transparent

 - September 1, 2015, 11:55 AM

JetFuelX launched a new jet fuel price management tool for aircraft owners and corporate flight departments that aims to “take the mystery and secrecy out of jet fuel pricing.” The free web-based app can be used on any computer or mobile device.

“It was built on a simple principle," said company founder Jason Talley, who is also a pilot. “I wanted to have all my fuel card prices update automatically, be able to search them for the best price and have fuel ordered in less than 15 seconds.”

To save time and hassles associated with fuel cards, JetFuelX operates with most major fuel vendors to provide a quickly searchable electronic database of fuel prices. Thus, JetFuelX analyzes the latest pricing data for all of the operator's fuel cards and then displays the lowest-priced vendor “in seconds.”

Tracy Forrest, a CJ3 operator and JetFuelX user, said the program “will revolutionize and commoditize the cost of aviation jet fuel. As Amazon has done for retail, eBay has done for auctions, and Uber has done for taxis, JetFuelX will provide informed and educated pricing information to jet aircraft operators.”