Embraer's Bizjet Shipments Double in the Third Quarter

 - October 15, 2015, 10:29 AM

Brazilian airframer Embraer enjoyed a 50-percent increase in its deliveries overall in the third quarter, a result driven by a doubling of business jet shipments coupled with a strengthening in the commercial aviation segment.

Embraer delivered 30 business jets in the most recent quarter, compared with 15 in the third quarter last year. Phenoms continued to lead the delivery tally at 21, up from 15 a year earlier. But the greatest gains came with its larger jets, with nine deliveries in the most recent quarter. The large-cabin Legacy 650 accounted for most of these gains, with six delivered in the quarter. Embraer also is continuing to ramp up shipments of its new midsize Legacy 500, handing over three of them in the quarter. The company had no midsize or large-cabin jet shipments in the same period last year. 

Embraer’s business jet deliveries have strengthened throughout the year, rebounding from the soft first quarter. During the first nine months, Embraer Executive Jets' deliveries have reached 75 units, almost a 15-percent improvement from a year ago.

Commercial aviation deliveries were alsoup by two units in the quarter, to 21, and are up by six units through the year at 68. The E-175 remains the top seller, with 20 delivered in the third quarter and 62 on the year. Embraer’s backlog remains at near-record levels at $22.8 billion, down slightly from the record of $22.9 billion set at the end of the second quarter.