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Embraer Executive Jets Taps MGM Jackpot with $200M Order

 - November 19, 2015, 3:01 AM

Embraer came up a winner at the new aircraft sales casino at NBAA 2015 in Las Vegas yesterday, inking a deal worth more than $200 million for letters of intent covering three Lineage 1000E large cabin and three midsize Legacy 500 business jets. The prospective buyer is MGM Resorts International, which plans to use the aircraft to fly its customers.

The new Lineage has a range of of 4,600 nm with eight passengers, giving it the ability to fly nonstop from Las Vegas to Dublin. It is equipped with fly-by-wire flight controls and can be fitted with optional autoland and an enhanced vision system. The Legacy 500 has a range of 3,125 nm with four passengers.

“A vitally important element of our overall guest service is delivering a comfortable travel experience to some of our more important guests,” said MGM Resorts International chairman and CEO Jim Murren. “At the same time, we are also committed to the environment and improving our company’s operating performance. We believe this action, which replaces our older equipment, will provide an attractive return on investment and is consistent with our profit growth plan, which is geared toward improving our operating performance.”