EASA Rotorcraft Symposium Spurs New Safety Ideas

 - December 21, 2015, 11:00 AM

The EASA’s ninth rotorcraft symposium gathered more than 200 attendees in Cologne, Germany, early last month and proved, once again, to be a valuable place for constructive exchange–sometimes in hot debate–between the industry and the authorities. In addition to outlining their views of how safety should progress with new standards, the EASA also announced an effort to coordinate more effectively with other authorities (in the U.S., Canada, Brazil and eventually China). Meanwhile, airframers and operators provided insights about how they make the most of new technologies to improve safety at lower cost. They suggested ways to coordinate work necessary for compliance with new rules and proposed fresh approaches to dealing with emergencies such as engine failure.

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EASA Rotorcraft Symposium 2015 (405K)

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