FSI, 65 Years Old, Adds Master Pilot To Offerings

 - March 29, 2016, 10:21 AM

FlightSafety International, celebrating its 65th anniversary today, recently introduced a master aviator certification program that builds on its initial and recurrent training. This program involves a series of advanced aircraft-specific and elective courses, as well as the completion of either initial or recurrent training once every eight months. The advanced courses include rejected takeoff go/no-go, crew resource management/human factors line-oriented flight training, and energy management. Other courses include upset prevention and recovery training.

The company was incorporated in New York on March 29, 1951, and by the end of that decade was involved in training programs for the first aircraft built specifically for business aviation—the Lockheed JetStar. “We will always be truly thankful to Al Ueltschi for founding this outstanding company,” said chairman, president and CEO Bruce Whitman. “Al’s vision, leadership, and commitment to safety are best summarized in his, and our, belief that the best safety device in any aircraft is a well-trained crew. This is as true and important today as it was in 1951.”

Since then, FlightSafety has grown to provide training for business aviation, commercial airlines and governments and military agencies worldwide, with nearly 1,800 instructors delivering more than 4,000 courses for 135 aircraft models.