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New Global CMS Boosts Connectivity, Avoids Obsolescence

 - May 24, 2016, 4:00 AM

Bombardier (Booth Z115) is unveiling a significant upgrade to the cabin management system (CMS) of its Global 5000 and 6000 jets. The new package combines Rockwell Collins’s Venue CMS with the high-band-width 67 GB/sec fiber optic backbone of the Bombardier’s Wave system to deliver 15 MB/sec connectivity.

“The Global 5000 and 6000 are now the only purpose-built business jets able to stream multiple high definition media anywhere on the planet, apart from the poles,” said Blair McEwen, Bombardier Business Aircraft associate product planning manager.

The CMS is designed to be ultra-fast, flexible and intuitive to use, with its own app providing a user-friendly interface for passengers. The aircraft feature a dedicated fire-proof, ventilated media bay with multiple HDMI and USB ports to connect with multiple consumer electronic devices, allowing passengers to stream media via channels such as Apple TV, Netflix and live news and sports broadcasts. They can also view content from their laptops on the cabin displays. The new system, which also features a Bluetooth connection, is compatible with Android and iOS tablet devices. It also allows passengers to control cabin features such as environmental controls and lighting from their seats.

“The design philosophy for this is all about embracing consumer electronics so that passengers can use all their own devices on-board,” said McEwen. “Great off-the-shelf equipment can be hard to integrate in an aircraft cabin. A lot of engineering goes into a simple looking enclosure so we can get the equipment into the cabin.”

The most obvious difference with the new CMS is that you don’t see any pop out monitors integrated into seats by avionics manufacturers. All that’s visible is a universal tablet arm holder to take passengers’ devices. “This is not hard-wired technology that can become quickly outdated,” said McEwen.

The improved CMS will be available on new Globals from the third quarter of this year. Bombardier has not yet confirmed whether it will be baseline equipment, or an optional item. For now, list prices for the Global 5000 and 6000 are unchanged. It will the available as a retrofit for in-service Global aircraft through Bombardier service centers.

“Our long-range Global business jets routinely fly the world’s most discerning travelers to remote destinations in the ultimate luxury and comfort,” said Jean-Christophe Gallagher, Bombardier Business Aircraft’s vice president of strategy, marketing and innovation. “These customers are seeking the same cutting edge technology in the air as they use in their offices or living rooms. This new cabin management system seamlessly blends ease of use and advanced functionality to deliver the best in business productivity and entertainment at 51,000 feet.”

Here in Geneva this week, EBACE visitors can view the new CMS in one of two Global 6000 aircraft on display. Bombardier also is exhibiting examples of its Challenger 350 and 650 models, as well as a Learjet 75 featuring a new pocket door forward bulkhead that reduces cabin noise by up to eight decibels.