Textron Aviation Installs First AeroWave System in CJ3

 - June 8, 2016, 11:34 AM

Honeywell BendixKing announced yesterday that Textron Aviation recently completed the first installation and customer delivery of its AeroWave in-flight internet solution on a Cessna Citation CJ3. AeroWave, which features optional Wi-Fi routers that simplify installation and provide in-flight voice and/or data connectivity, is now approved by Textron Aviation for retrofit installation on CJ-series aircraft at its service centers.

According to BendixKing, AeroWave service plans are “low cost and easy to understand,” with billing based on hours of use rather data consumed. It provides onboard voice and internet connectivity, in addition to weather services, flight planning tools and communication with flight dispatchers or FBOs for pilots.

The AeroWave 100 is an Inmarsat Class 15 system that provides worldwide internet access. Complementing the AeroWave 100 are optional Wi-Fi routers, available in data-only and voice/data configurations, that enable wireless connection to the service.