Broker Launches New Charter Site for Denver Region

 - June 27, 2016, 10:54 AM

New Flight Charters has launched a dedicated online listing of charter aircraft available in and around Denver. According to the broker, shows not only aircraft that are permanently based in Denver or at airports throughout Colorado, but also so-called floating fleet options that could include jets that are often available for charter out of the region after completing point-to-point flights. It also includes aircraft managed by large charter companies that base them in the Denver area to meet the travel needs of their owners.

The new site currently includes around 82 jets, turboprops and pistons available for charter from 20 operators. The listed aircraft are based at seven Colorado airports: Fort Collins, Denver Metro, Boulder, Denver Centennial, Denver International, Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

According to New Flight Charters president Rick Colson, the site gives a greater choice of aircraft than would generally be offered by most brokers. The Jackson Hole, Wyo.-based company now has an office in Denver and mainly covers bookings from the Western U.S.