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Product Support Survey 2016: Part 3 Engines

 - October 3, 2016, 6:00 AM
AIN readers rank GE Aviation as tops in turbofan support in the 2016 AIN Engine Product Support Survey. The company's CF34 also ranks highest in overall reliability this year, with a score of 9.6.

AIN readers rank GE as the top provider of product support among turbofan makers this year, a distinction the company earned once previously in the past 10 years when it shared the top spot with Rolls-Royce in 2012. Williams has been king of the hill for eight of the past 10 years (sharing that honor once, with Rolls, in 2014). Rolls-Royce takes third place among turbofan makers this year, followed by Honeywell, Pratt & Whitney Canada and CFE. It should be noted, however, that the top four placers this year are each separated by only one tenth of a point.

By a much wider margin, Honeywell takes the top spot among manufacturers of turboprops and turboshafts, outscoring second- and third-place finisher Pratt & Whitney Canada by almost a full point. Safran Helicopter Engines (née Turbomeca) takes fourth place. Rolls-Royce (manufacturer of the ubiquitous 250 helicopter turboshaft) did not receive enough responses to qualify for inclusion.

Among turbofans, the engine with the highest overall average score this year is the Rolls-Royce AE3007, besting the Williams FJ44, with which it tied for first last year. The GE CF34 ranks highest in overall reliability this year with a score of 9.6.

Among turboprops, the Honeywell TPE331 takes top honors in every single category, bar none.

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