NBAA Convention News

C&L Aviation Goes Through Hoops To Get To ‘NBA-A’

 - November 2, 2016, 1:00 PM

In a parody video, C&L Aviation Group CEO Chris Kilgour believes that the company is headed to the NBA (as in the National Basketball Association), not the NBAA show this week, due to an “autocorrect error” in an email sent to him by an employee. “Before you knew it, the company was busy practicing layup drills and deciding on a team logo,” company marketing director Pat Lemieux said, tongue in cheek.

“We thought about telling him [he was wrong], but no one really wanted to see him disappointed,” he continued on with the ruse. “He seems pretty excited about playing basketball.”

Keeping with the humorous theme, the Bangor, Me.-based aviation maintenance, parts and completions firm’s “NBA-A” booth (3424) is a basketball court, where attendees can talk about C&L’s capabilities while shooting some hoops. The company will also host a meet and greet with the Orlando Magic Dance Team on Wednesday at 10 a.m.

Meanwhile, C&L announced a $3 million expansion at its facility in Bangor two months ago. The project will refurbish a newly leased hangar, add two buildings, increase capabilities and create 100 additional jobs over the next two years.

In 2014, C&L completed a $5 million expansion that tripled the company’s space and included a 17,000-sq-ft paint hangar. That expansion allowed it to move into new markets such as interior refurbishments for executive jets.

This next phase of growth will add to C&L’s corporate interiors capabilities, a growing market for the company, with a newly refurbished interior hangar. The additional hangar space and new storage buildings will allow C&L to simultaneously service more aircraft.