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Honeywell Displays ‘Flying Technology Lab’ at MEBAA

 - December 8, 2016, 4:00 AM
Honeywell brought its Boeing 757 flying test-bed to the static display at MEBAA 2016. The aircraft’s special equipment includes a fuselage-mounted pylon, inset, which allows in-flight engine testing with low risk. PHOTO DAVID McINTOSH

Underscoring its commitment to supporting aerospace innovation across the Middle East, Honeywell Aerospace (Stand 549) has brought its Boeing 757 test-bed, aka the Flying Technology Lab, for static display here at MEBAA. The jet has been used for research and development since 2008, accumulating over 1,700 flight hours conducting more than 400 tests in 15 countries. In the process, it has “helped shape modern aviation by testing the most advanced safety, efficiency and performance technologies,” said Raghed Talih, the U.S. company’s sales director for the Middle East.

Highlighting the benefits of the equipment the jet is used for testing and perfecting, Honeywell announced here an agreement with Arab Wings and Gulf Wings, both International Wings Group companies (Stand 691), to provide its full suite of GoDirect Cabin and Cockpit Connectivity Services to their more than 20 managed aircraft.

“Honeywell’s all-in-one GoDirect approach to connectivity helps business jet operators like Arab Wings and Gulf Wings offer the best possible flying experience to their customers,” Talih said.

Under the agreement, Honeywell will provide worldwide very high frequency and satellite datalinks for all capable aircraft in the operators’ growing fleets. Meanwhile, the GoDirect portal will enable the companies to track data usage across every aircraft, providing operators with real-time information that will help them manage network costs and monitor individual users’ experiences.

“There is a high demand for solutions that help passengers stay connected in flight and provide pilots with the real-time information to enhance the flying experience,” said Ahmad Abu Ghazaleh, Arab Wings’ CEO. “Unifying our cabin and cockpit services through one provider allows us toe deliver the highest level of VIP services to our customers.”

Honeywell equipment that has been tested on the 757 Flying Technology Lab over the years includes communications hardware such as the satellite-based JetWave high-speed connectivity platform, and advanced avionics such as the Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System, the Traffic Collision Avoidance System, and SmartRunway/SmartLanding systems. Additionally, the distinctive third engine pylon on the right wing has been used to test and help certify turbine engines including the U.S. company’s HTF7000 and TFE731.