AIA: Gov't Needs To Work With Industry on Reg Review

 - February 28, 2017, 10:34 AM

The Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) endorses a regulatory review, but stresses the White House should work with industry to ensure safety is not compromised as agencies carry out executive orders temporarily freezing new regulations and requiring the elimination of two regulations for every new one.

 “While we strongly support President [Donald] Trump’s push to trim excessive, unnecessary and costly regulations, a balanced approach that involves collaboration between government and industry is needed,” said Ali Bahrami, vice president, civil aviation for AIA. “The requirement that each government agency independently comply with the executive order could severely hamper the FAA’s ability to maintain the safety of the air transportation system and its ability to facilitate introduction of new entrants, such as unmanned aircraft systems and commercial space.”

Bahrami noted that when Trump’s regulatory freeze took effect, the FAA’s ability to issue airworthiness directives was hampered. “This issue has since been resolved,” he said. “Nonetheless, smart regulation could have prevented delays in what is not only a critical safety function of the FAA, but an international obligation of the U.S.”

Manufacturers, operators and regulators all play a role in ensuring safety, Bahrami added. “As the government reviews its regulatory functions and practices, we hope the administration draws industry into the conversation. Such a partnership will ensure costly, redundant and unnecessary regulations are rescinded, while necessary, thoughtful and effective regulations are improved.”