FBO Replies To Pricing Complaint

 - September 19, 2017, 11:11 AM
OK3 Air disputes AOPA's assertions that it is required to provide free ramp access, as well as the organization's views on pricing responsibility under the cover of FAA Grant Assurance 22. The company accused the association of listening only to its members who complain the loudest, after it recently filed several FAA complaints over FBO pricing.

OK3 Air, the lone aviation service provider at Utah’s Heber City Municipal Airport-Russ McDonald Field, has issued a written response to an Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) member who contacted the FBO to complain about its pricing. The facility was one of several recently highlighted by the organization over what it deemed “egregious FBO pricing,” based on feedback from AOPA members.

In the letter, which was also sent to the general counsels from AOPA and NATA, as well as the Heber City attorneys, OK3 Air’s general counsel pointed out that the company’s pricing is determined by market conditions, and that Heber City is but one of eight airports within a 75-mile radius of ski enclave Park City, providing customers with several options as they weigh the perceived value versus pricing when deciding which airport to patronize.

“AOPA’s argument that FBO prices are not reasonable unless they conform to the standards governing rates and charges by airport sponsors is without precedent,” the letter stated. “Grant Assurance 22 cannot be read to require that aviation services be provided at a price acceptable to the AOPA membership.”

In August, AOPA, along with seven pilots, filed FAA Part 13 complaints regarding sole-provider FBOs at Illinois Waukegan National Airport, North Carolina Asheville Regional Airport and Florida Key West International Airport.