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Argus Launches Operational Excellence Program

 - October 11, 2017, 2:05 PM

Flight departments that are already IS-BAO Stage 3 can now sign up for a new Operational Excellence Program (OEP) created by Argus International (Booth N4923). The program is “designed to facilitate the collection and sharing of de-identified information amongst participants,” said the company. It is being released following a comprehensive beta-testing phase involving “more than a dozen” flight departments during this past spring and summer.

Areas covered by OEP include safety management systems, human factors, cultural augmentation, strategic planning, communication, financial metrics and technology advancement.

Jim Cannon, Part 91 liaison for Argus, said, “Benchmarking at this level provides insight on how other well managed organizations are dealing with the current challenges facing business aviation today.”

He added, “I believe this program fits the needs of many of our top-tier business aviation flight departments that have the capability and desire to focus on continuous improvement and the further advancement of their safety management systems.”

Joe Moeggenberg, president and CEO of Argus International, said, “The Argus [OEP] is for flight departments who want to participate in a more advanced implementation of industry best practices.”