NBAA Wants a Hold on Circling Approach Proposal

 - November 14, 2017, 11:49 AM

NBAA has asked the FAA to pause its proposed plans to cancel certain instrument approach procedures (IAPs), specifically circling approaches and circling approach minimums, given recent FMS software glitches that forced Rockwell Collins to remove more than 10,000 IAPs from its database. 

As a proposed cost-cutting measure, the FAA proposed eliminating certain circling procedures, including circling-only instrument approaches and circling minimums charted on straight-in procedures. The agency proposes specific criteria to identify and select appropriate circling procedures that can be considered for cancellation.

“While NBAA generally supports the establishment of the proposed evaluation criteria for IAP cancellations, several significant issues with FMS and navigation databases have surfaced since the industry originally provided recommendations to the FAA,” the association said. “We would like the FAA to take another look at the recent database issues to determine how they factor them into establishing approach cancellation criteria.”

The NBAA added that it is “sensitive to the issue of the FAA having to maintain thousands of IAPs if they truly are not necessary.” The association wants the agency to consider additional comments before making the proposed changes “that could negatively affect thousands of aircraft operators.” The proposal’s original comment deadline was November 6.