DTN Enhances AviationSentry Weather Forecasting Tool

 - December 5, 2017, 11:52 AM

Data specialist DTN is enhancing its AviationSentry Online tool with the addition global layered weather forecast information. The enhanced global data, which includes ceiling height and visibility, will provide situational awareness to DTN’s RotorWatch clients, the company added.

Noting helicopter operators often fly miles from official weather observation stations, DTN said the enhancements are designed to fill in the gaps with flight-category specific content from a blend of observation and forecast model data. AviationSentry provides real-time meteorological flight information, coupled with trip planning and flight risk evaluation tools. RotorWatch, an extension of AviationSentry, actively compares real-time weather data with locations of helicopters or bases.

With RotorWatch, dispatch teams maintain constant awareness of the real-time and forecast weather conditions surrounding their operations. The tool has 14 different alert parameters based on position of the helicopter and relevant weather data.

“AviationSentry and RotorWatch go hand-in-hand,” said Raj Shankar, vice president of product management. “These enhancements increase the overall value for helicopter operators on a global scale as they allow users to ensure safety with customized caution and warning levels specific to their operations.”