Canada’s Revised CRM Rules Take Effect in January 2019

 - December 26, 2017, 10:41 AM

Transport Canada has introduced so-called “contemporary” crew resource management (CRM) training standards applicable to commercial aircraft operations, including air taxis and aerial work. Outlined in AC 700-042, the new requirements go into effect on Jan. 31, 2019.

Transport Canada has replaced the current CRM standard found in subsection 725.124(39) with the contemporary application following a recommendation from the Transportation Safety Board (TSB), which determined that “human factors are the primary cause in a large percentage of aircraft fatalities, especially under Subpart 703 operators [air taxis] and 704 operators [commuter airlines].”

Contemporary CRM integrates technical skill development with communications and crew coordination training and operational risk management by applying threat and error management (TEM) concepts. TEM “advocates the careful analysis of potential hazards and taking the appropriate steps to avoid, trap, or mitigate threats and manage errors before they lead to an undesired aircraft state.”

According to TSB figures, the number of accidents by air taxis has decreased from a high of 63 in 2006 to 24 in 2015 and airliner and commuter operations combined decreased from 11 in 2006 to six in 2014. But airliner and commuter accidents climbed back to 11 in 2015.