Stellar, Rockwell Collins Complete Cloud Integration

 - February 7, 2018, 4:03 AM

The transformation of Rockwell Collins’s ArincDirect Flight Operations Software (FOS) into an online platform running on the Stellar Cloud is complete. Upgrades to the Stellar Cloud are available at no additional cost for FOS customers with systems hosted by Stellar or Rockwell Collins. Customers running FOS on their own computers can take advantage of Stellar’s On-Ramp promotional pricing.

The Stellar Cloud is “a next-generation software delivery infrastructure platform for business aviation solutions,” according to the companies, and it runs on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. Switching to the Stellar Cloud eliminates any need for FOS customers to host the software on their own computers, thus reducing the risks of downtime and data loss due to hardware problems, and also saving time and resources on management of hardware, software, patches, and upgrades.

AWS provides “auto-scaling, elastic load balancing, replication, and auto-provisioning of computing resources,” according to Stellar, and scales to “seamlessly match both operator growth and peak-day demands.” Stellar Cloud also provides “data center and data storage localization, continuous security monitoring, and advanced two-factor authentication,” including 99.9 percent guaranteed availability and back-up, failover, and recovery services. The overall result of hosting on the Stellar Cloud is much faster system responsiveness, according to the companies, “with nearly instantaneous response to common user tasks such as building trips and quotes.”

Stellar Labs and Rockwell Collins are working on a new flight-planning, operations, and business platform with features to help business aircraft operators to expand their operations and take advantage of new market opportunities. New capabilities will include “owner access, advanced business intelligence, and operator-to-operator trip collaboration, all integrated with their existing FOS implementation.”

“We started Stellar with the vision of transforming the business of business aviation for operators and consumers, and our partnership with Rockwell Collins is instrumental in executing this vision,” said Stellar co-founder Paul Touw. “This announcement marks the completion of the first step of this journey.”