In-service Bombardier Bizjets Get More Upgrade Options

 - March 13, 2018, 11:27 AM

Bombardier Business Aircraft today announced a dozen new product enhancements for Learjet 40/45s, Challenger 300s and 604s, and Globals, including avionics upgrades that elevate situational awareness or meet regulatory compliance, as well as cabin improvements. They are now available for installation at any of Bombardier’s nine service centers worldwide, the company said.

For heightened pilot awareness, Bombardier is offering LCD cockpit displays for the Learjet 40/45 and a retrofit synthetic vision system on Globals. To meet upcoming mandates, Challenger 300/350 and 604 operators can opt to install Iridium satcom that provides the communications needs for FANS-1/A installations.

Meanwhile, Bombardier has rolled out new cabin enhancements for Challengers and Globals that include custom-crafted stone flooring and conference tables with a single-pillar pedestal. In particular, Bombardier said the new interior studio at its Tucson service center is equipped to provide these interior enhancements with its cabinet workshop and climate-controlled work environment.

Additional improvements include a cockpit audio control panel switch guard for the Challenger 350/350; forward cabin bulkhead retrofit for the Challenger 300; tire pressure-measuring system for all Learjets, Challengers and Globals; and an automatic entry door/main passenger door switch for Globals.