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UAS Grows Evolution Software Suite

 - April 15, 2018, 1:00 AM

UAS International Trip Support (Booth H1222), which is partially owned by Deer Jet, continues adding features to its Evolution software suite, which was introduced in 2016.

The Evolution product line consists of self-service trip and flight technology online and mobile solutions. Key elements of Evolution include FlightEvolution, for worldwide flight planning, weather, and mapping; LinkEvolution, which enhances airborne connectivity; the TMSEvolution trip-management system; and FuelEvolution, for fuel planning and purchasing.

FlightEvolution’s flight planning, weather, and mapping services help dispatchers and pilots visualize upcoming missions “with a stunning level of detail,” according to UAS. Maps are vector-based for fast updates, and FlightEvolution provides highly detailed depictions of aeronautical charts, weather, and flight-planning information both online and on tablets and smartphones.

The LinkEvolution software interfaces with an aircraft’s existing satellite communications systems and provides a user-friendly way to send messages (including navigation datalink updates), uplink flight plans, review weather, and synchronize aircraft health data. UAS is offering fixed-price unlimited datalink service through the new program, which also offers one-number and fleet dialing solutions, as well as data compression and acceleration. LinkEvolution is part of an alliance between UAS and Honeywell, and it provides access to all worldwide VHF datalink networks, including Arinc and SITA, as well as Inmarsat and Iridium satellite networks.

TMSEvolution is a trip-management system that gives the user real-time access to information relating to trip-support requests. The free web- and mobile-based application provides notifications and updates on all aspects of requests made through UAS, which can include flight permit and status updates, fuel and handling request confirmation, third-party contact information, flight time, trip brief downloads, single-place storage of fleet details and documents, and an inventory of historical flights and requests.

FuelEvolution allows users to manage all aspects of fuel pricing, including viewing taxes and supplier information and placing orders, via the web or mobile devices.

In other UAS news, the company announced that UAS co-owner, founder, and CEO Omar Hosari was named one of the best 100 Arab CEOs at the Arab Best Awards 2018 on March 17. “I feel honored and extremely grateful to receive this leadership award and it’s amazing to be named one of the best 100 Arab CEOs,” said Hosari. “Leadership is crucial in every human endeavor and I am pleased to contribute and inspire in any way I can.”