Bombardier Offers Online Ground School for CL605/650

 - May 8, 2018, 11:42 AM
Challenger 600-series pilots will spend less time in the classroom and more in the simulator when doing on-site recurrent training, since Bombardier has now introduced online remote training for the FAA-certified ground school portion. (Photo: Bombardier Aerospace)

Bombardier has revamped the recurrent training program for the Challenger 605 and 650 to make the best use of pilots' time on site, the company said. The program includes online remote training for the FAA-certified ground school portion, reducing the length of time required for on-site training.

The ground school portion includes 15 hours of self-paced online training. Once they have completed the ground school training, pilots have the option of undergoing the simulator portion at Bombardier’s centers in Montreal or Dallas. Training center instructors will answer any questions that arose out of the online components. Also at the training centers, pilots are provided with an overview of the latest operational requirements and take a one-hour validation exam.

Bombardier offers in-house developed courseware for both the flight and technical training and stresses the new program is designed to provide the same comprehensive and level of professional instruction while providing more flexibility.

"As an OEM that develops its own pilot and technician training programs, our customers appreciate the added value of our firsthand knowledge and our pedagogical approaches,” said Bombardier Business Aircraft v-p of customer response Andy Nureddin. “With more than 1,100 deliveries and counting of our Challenger 600 series business jets, we expect this course to benefit many flight departments and operators."