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Citation Latitude Clocks 5,000 Hours with NetJets Europe

 - May 28, 2018, 3:33 AM

NetJets Europe’s Cessna Citation Latitude fleet has surpassed 5,000 flight hours, while a ninth Latitude has now joined its European fleet. Cessna parent company Textron Aviation (Booth V19) said the worldwide fleet of the type has now reached 124 aircraft, almost three years since it first entered service. Since taking its first delivery in 2016, NetJets has amassed more than 50,000 flight hours on its worldwide Latitude fleet.

“We are thrilled to celebrate these milestones with such a valued customer and fierce advocate for the Citation Latitude,” said Scott Ernest, president and CEO, Textron Aviation. “The Citation Latitude…has rapidly become the most sought after aircraft in the NetJets fleet,” he added.

Adam Johnson, chairman and CEO of NetJets (Booth Z109), noted, “We are proud to have Latitudes in our global fleet, as the aircraft’s short-field performance enables us to access many small general aviation airports, resulting in time savings that allows our owners to do more and miss less.”

Textron delivered 54 Latitudes in 2017, making it “the most delivered midsize jet in the world for the second consecutive year,” claimed the company, citing data from the General Aviation Manufacturers Association. “With certification in 43 countries, the global fleet has surpassed 80,000 flight hours,” according to Textron Aviation.

The Latitude has a maximum range of 2,850 nm/5,278 km and a four-passenger range of 2,700 nm/5,000 km at high-speed cruise of Mach 0.76.