FSB: Mach Number Notam Compliance Low

 - June 19, 2018, 11:43 AM

New York Oceanic ATC is reporting “very low compliance” with a May 3 notam that now requires filing Mach number instead of knots true airspeed in international flight plans, according to the Flight Services Bureau.

Notam A0274/18 instructs that all aircraft entering the New York Oceanic flight information region (KZWY), including those departing Bermuda (TXKF), must file a three-digit true Mach number to the nearest hundredth of unit instead of knots in the expected initial cruise speed field (block 15A) of the flight plan (FAA Form 7233-4).  This requirement is in effect until at least March 23, 2019.

The Flight Services Bureau, a member organization of international operators, said, “This adjustment enables the ATC computer system to effectively probe flight plans and proactively offer more favorable routes and/or reroutes.” At press time, the FAA had not responded to AIN’s requests for additional information.