Colorado Airport Weighs FBO Proposals

 - June 29, 2018, 11:10 AM

The window has closed on the RFP process for a new FBO candidate at Colorado’s San Luis Valley Regional Airport.

Dustin Allinger, who manages the county-owned airport, said Mountain View Aeromotive, which has provided services there for more than three decades but has not held a formal lease for the past several years, will continue to operate the FBO until July 20th. If the airport advisory board has not come to a decision by that time, the airport is preparing to assume control of the GA facility until a choice is made.

According to the RFP, while there currently is no fuel flowage fee, the airport expects to institute one with the next FBO. Another topic of negotiation in the deal will be the replacement of the fuel farm, which the state has requested. Ron Ecord, owner of Mountain View Aeromotive, said he did not respond to the RFP due to the economic demands, and plans to relocate his maintenance business to Astronaut Kent Rominger Airport in nearby Del Norte, Colorado.