SyberJet To Fly SJ30i with New Avionics in Coming Weeks

 - July 19, 2018, 8:49 AM
SyberJet Aircraft's new Honeywell Epic 2.0-based SyberVision avionics system for its new SJ30i will soon enter flight tests. The SJ30i is expected to enter service in the latter half of 2019. (Photo: SyberJet Aircraft)

SyberJet Aircraft plans to begin flight tests of the Honeywell Primus Epic 2.0/SyberVision avionics for its new SJ30i light jet in the coming weeks, company board member Michael Willis told AIN today at the Farnborough Airshow. “Right now, we’re finalizing ground tests of the avionics in aircraft number five and will soon be flying it.” The SJ30i, which will also have new interior designs, is expected to enter service in mid- to late-2019, he said.

Meanwhile, the company is continuing work on the SJ30x, which will have both the SyberVision avionics and more powerful and efficient Williams FJ44-3A engines, the latter of which adds about 75 nm of range, to 2,575 nm. SJ30 S/N 7, which is currently being used as a company demonstrator aircraft, will be outfitted with the -3A powerplants in 2020, Willis said. FAA and EASA certification of the SJ30x is anticipated later that year.

SyberJet SJ30i
SyberJet completed first engine runs on SN 005 on July 19 and plans to fly it in the coming months. (Photo: SyberJet Aircraft)

SyberJet plans to restart production of the $8.5 million light jet next year, initially in San Antonio, Texas, where it has several wing sets left over after SJ30 production ceased in November 2009 before the current owner, Metalcraft Technologies, bought the company out of bankruptcy in 2011. According to Willis, SyberJet will transfer manufacturing to its new facility at Cedar City (Utah) Regional Airport, with the first production aircraft planned to come off that line in 2020.

A stretched variant of the SJ30 is still under consideration, Willis confirmed, though he said the company is focusing on the SJ30i/x models for the time being.