Alerion To Launch Aircraft Owner Portal

 - July 23, 2018, 12:08 PM

Alerion Aviation plans to launch an online owner portal to provide aircraft owners with access to real-time information. The portal will provide details about aircraft, maintenance, and crew scheduling, along with relative financial information including expenses, receipts, and other cost-reporting data. According to Alerion, the portal will let owners manage their jets in a manner similar to how owners manage their brokerage accounts and other assets.

“Everything about what we do is on demand, and except until now, being able to provide access to the information about the airplane, scheduling, and finances has not been on demand but on a schedule,” said Alerion CEO Bob Seidel. The portal will provide seamless integration of real-time data from Alerion’s computer systems and enterprise software. Seidel said the portal will be of additional interest to more hands-on owners who will also be able to see “fuel burns, cycles, average trip leg lengths, and upcoming pilot and maintenance scheduling.”

The company expects to have the portal available by the end of summer. It will initially be launched for “a couple of key clients and then will be available across the board,” said Seidel. “While it has taken a tremendous amount of work and effort to build this and get it right, at the end of the day we’re going to require less manpower to service the important aspects of accounts for owners and give them more immediacy to their request because they’ll be able to self-serve.”