Australia Proposes Rules for Helo Transport Ops

 - July 30, 2018, 11:38 AM

Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has developed new draft regulations for rotorcraft air transport operations. The proposed rules are for Parts 119 (commercial operations) and 133 (helicopter air transport operations) and the Part 133 manual of standards. “These rules will create the first specific set of operating rules for Australian rotorcraft air transport operations,” the agency said.

According to CASA, the new rules will minimize the safety differential between charter and public transport; introduce safety enhancements to flight and other crewmember training and safety management systems; establish a mandatory simulator flight crew training requirement for certain rotorcraft; provide a more active regulatory focus on managing the safety risks associated with passenger transport operations; and launch medical transport requirements in line with international best practices and industry feedback.

Unless otherwise stated in Part 133, operators will also be required to comply with Part 91, the general operating and flight rules, which are currently undergoing a proposed rewrite.

The agency noted that while this draft focuses on Part 133 and Part 119 implications for rotorcraft air transport operations, “CASA will be seeking feedback on the Part 119 impacts for airplane air transport operators in separate rulemaking, beginning shortly.” Comments on the draft proposal are due by August 21.