LABACE Convention News

Diamond Sparkles at LABACE

 - August 15, 2018, 10:33 AM

Local Diamond Aircraft dealer and authorized service center Aeromot is displaying a smartly appointed example of the DA62 at LABACE. The seven-seat, twin-engine aircraft has proved successful in Brazil, where its economic performance and high level of equipment have found favor with customers since the type’s first appearance in Brazil in October 2016, and a LABACE debut at last year’s exhibition.

Powered by two Austro Engine AE330 turbocharged 2-liter engines that each develop 180 hp and run on either jet A-1 or diesel fuel, the DA62 can reach a range of 1,345 miles (no reserves) at an economical cruising speed of 151 knots, its engines consuming just 9.7 gallons of fuel per hour at 50 percent power rating. Alternatively, the DA62 has a range of 957 miles at an 80 percent power setting, at which it can achieve 174 knots while burning 15.6 gallons per hour. The engines have FADEC control and single-lever throttle/pitch operation.

The DA62 is outfitted with Garmin’s G1000Nxi avionics suite, with two large multifunction displays. The aircraft has a three-axis GFC700 automated flight control system and yaw damper as standard, with a GTX 335R mode-S transponder with ADS-B Out functionality. Other optional systems include weather radar, synthetic vision, and FIKI (Flight Into Known Icing) equipment.

As well as providing cost-efficient, safe, and comfortable passenger transport, the DA62 can also be adapted to special missions, as can the smaller four-seat DA42-VI. With a 45 percent power setting, the DA62 can achieve a maximum endurance (no reserves) of 9.5 hours, making it an ideal platform for surveillance, monitoring, and survey duties.