Argus Accepts Experience To Meet TripCheq SIC Minimums

 - September 12, 2018, 12:00 PM

Argus International has launched a second-in-command (SIC) gateway program that aims to recognize pilots’ safety-related experience beyond just flight hours. The program would qualify pilots with “quality experience” to meet or exceed the Argus TripCheq SIC minimums. TripCheq provides a “comprehensive analysis” of a commercial operator’s credentials, according to the company.

“Argus recognizes more than flight hours determine the competency and qualification of a pilot,” said Argus president and CEO Joe Moeggenberg. “The second-in-command gateway program highlights competency-based training, and through our three gateways we are able to acknowledge other forms of quality training within the industry.”

Under the program, pilots can meet the TripCheq minimums through real-world experience, training experience, simulator training programs, and/or operator training. The program’s criteria ensure progressive safety standards through one of three approved Argus SIC gateways: military, aeronautical university, and ab initio. “These gateways provide pilots with an efficient, streamlined, and accelerated path to meet TripCheq SIC minimums,” said Argus.

Gateway-approved Argus TripCheq SIC minimums consist of enhanced, competency-based training with a minimum of 500 total flight hours, of which 250 hours must be pilot-in-command time.