Gulfstream G650 Conducts Steep Approach Trials at LCY

 - September 20, 2018, 11:28 AM

Gulfstream conducted steep-approach trials of its G650 flagship earlier this week at London City Airport (LCY). According to data from FlightAware, the aircraft manufacturer flew G650 S/N 6001, registered as N650GX, from its Savannah, Georgia headquarters to TAG Farnborough Airport on Monday, with the London City trials taking place the following day.

“S/N 6001 was at London City demonstrating its steep approach capabilities for the London City Airport Operations and Control Department,” a Gulfstream spokeswoman confirmed. “The airplane flew several takeoffs and landings, as required to obtain approval to operate at the British airport near the city’s financial district. Once approved, the G650 will be the fastest, largest, longest-range business jet to operate at the airport.”

FlightAware data shows that the G650 demonstrated four steep approaches into London City, which is one of a handful of airports around the world with steep approaches—in this case, 5.5 degrees. Gulfstream did not provide an estimate of when it expects to receive London City approval for the G650, though past approvals for other aircraft have taken several months.