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Fuelerlinx Adds Fuel Payment Functionality

 - October 11, 2018, 11:30 AM

Aviation fuel pricing software provider Fuelerlinx, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary at NBAA-BACE 2018, has partnered with EVO Payments International to integrate the companies' respective technologies. As a result of the agreement, Fuelerlinx’s fuel management software customers will now have direct access to optimized flight operations and automated fuel purchasing processes in one user-friendly interface.

Since its inception in 2008, Fuelerlinx (Booth 2633) has helped hundreds of flight departments automate many manual fuel pricing tasks, and it continually adds new services such as multi-leg tankering calculations and alternate fuel proximity mapping. But before this announcement, its customers were unable to pay through the Fuelerlinx platform.

“To accomplish this, we developed an analytics and invoicing interface called VendorLinx that linked FuelerLinx flight departments' fuel transactions with participating vendors back-end accounting systems,” said company CEO Kevin Moller. “This allowed vendors to push digital invoicing into FuelerLinx, which meant flight departments no longer have to manually enter invoice data anymore and can now easily select their preferred payment medium [ACH or credit card] from a dropdown in our digital wallet to send payment.”

Through the new deal, Fuelerlinx’s customers can leverage EVO’s array of secure electronic payment solutions. With business activities in 50 markets and more than 150 currencies around the world, EVO is among the largest fully integrated merchant acquirers and payment processors in the world.

“We are enthusiastic about partnering with EVO and working as a team to help transform the way flight departments fulfill their fuel payment transactions,” said Moller, adding that he believes the integration will reshape the way flight departments fulfill transactions and provide significant value and opportunity to his clients. “Fuelerlinx has always sought to align itself with innovative companies to tackle the complex problems and rather outdated solutions that currently exist in our industry.”