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Wyvern Partners with MRO Insider To Provide MRO Audits

 - October 17, 2018, 9:03 AM

Wyvern has partnered with MRO Insider to provide an audit standard and audit services called MRO Audit. As an operator-driven quote comparison tool, MRO Insider (4818) currently features more than 100 subscribed maintenance facilities and 400 corporate aircraft. According to Wyvern, its MRO Audit tool can be tailored to any of MRO Insider’s maintenance facilities and aircraft.

MRO Audit is a product that builds upon Wyvern’s existing audit programs. The new audit features an MRO audit program manual, audit tools, audit processes and procedures, audit report templates, and audit tracking software. MRO Insider provides a free service for aircraft owners and operators to submit RFQs after evaluating subscribed maintenance facility profiles and associated customer reviews on the website. Maintenance facilities electing to have their profiles on the website pay a monthly fee for a company listing and associated quoting ability.