GYY Books Out New Hangar Project

 - November 19, 2018, 1:08 PM

Gary/Chicago International Airport (GYY) has approved a 10-year lease on its newest corporate hangar project with Indiana-based aircraft repossessor Sage-Popovich. The airport board approved the approximately 25,000-sq-ft East Corporate Hangar in March, and construction began over the summer, with completion expected in first-quarter 2019. The lease includes two five-year extension options.

“The entire Sage-Popovich flight department is thrilled to enter this new phase of our expansion with a new home at the Gary/Chicago International Airport," said company president Nick Popovich. “It’s been amazing to see the growth of the airport over the past two decades, and we are happy to be just a small part of that amazing transformation.”

The hangar is just the latest development at the airport which extended its main runway to nearly 8,900 feet in 2014, giving it the second longest in the region after O’Hare International. In October, GYY, which is just 25 miles from downtown Chicago, opened its new U.S. Customs and Border Patrol facility, which allows users to fly there directly from anywhere in the world. The two FBOs on the field recently invested more than $22 million in their facilities, including the addition of a trio of more than 30,000-sq-ft hangars.